Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Welcome to the “Morna News blog”

Dear all

I hope that this web blog will soon become an essential weekly (or even daily) visit for all members of the Morna International College community. Parents in particular will be able to keep themselves fully up to date with events and developments. The news blog will include copies of all letters and circulars that have previously been distributed on paper, via pupils, as well as regular items of interest and articles about the many happenings that take place as a result of our increasingly dynamic curricular and extra-curricular progammes. Here in the school we are looking forward to “reaching out” to all of you more frequently and more effectively as a result of this particular development.

Yours truly
Adrian Massam

Inspection day: Friday 7th November 2008

On Friday 7th November, the school was visited by two inspectors from the National Association of British Schools in Spain who carried out an authorisation inspection in order to allow the school to renew its existing authorisation and confirm a full authorization for the newly introduced ‘A’ level courses. The inspectors observed a significant number of lessons as well as reviewing timetables, schemes of work, samples of pupils’ work, staff qualifications, educational resources, school policies and development planning. At the end of the day they were able to confirm their positive recommendation for all sections of the school as well as being very complementary about the evidence that they had seen during the inspection process. This initial feedback will subsequently be followed by the appropriate certificate and some written recommendations. The management of the school were very satisfied with the outcome of the inspection and would like to reiterate our congratulations to our teaching staff and to our pupils.

First donation from the October fair

On Thursday 13th November children in the Primary section were pleased to present a cheque for 300€ to Abel from the Federacion de Razas Autoctonos to help them with their work in protecting autoctonous breeds of animals within Ibiza. The money was raised by the Primary children on their stalls at the autumn fair (which took place on World Animal Day, October 17th). Abel had livened up the fair considerably with his exhibition of animals and the offer of donkey rides.