Friday, 23 October 2009

Even better than expected!

The Autumn fair (see article below) was an outstanding success. Thanks to everyone who took part!

We raised 1075€ for the Cambodian Childrens' Painting Project and a further 365€ to be added to the Malawi school fund.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Autumn Fair next Wednesday.
Dear parents,
Next Wednesday, 21st October, you are all invited to our Autumn Fair, an annual event in which our students set up a variety of stalls and activities in order to raise money for specific charity projects.
This year the Primary section will be using the fair to achieve more funding for their ongoing support of the Chankhasi School in Malawi.(Information can be found on this blog)

In addition to participating in the fair, Primary pupils will also be organising a “pyjama day”, on the same Wednesday, in which by paying a 1€ donation they can attend school dressed in their pyjamas (as long as they agree not to fall asleep!).

The Secondary section student council have decided to destine the funds raised by the Secondary section to the Cambodian Children’s Painting Project, an organisation with members based in Ibiza who have been present at previous events in the school. More information about their project can be found at
The fair itself promises to be a lively event with plenty of opportunities to buy, eat, drink and be entertained. It will be open to parents from 14:30 onwards, until about 16:00, and we hope that all of you will be able to attend.

Yours truly,
Adrian Massam

Monday, 5 October 2009

Important novelties in the activities programme.

The extra-curricular activites programme commenced on the 1st of October with some familiar and some completely new activities. The newly introduced items include the UCMAS programme, an internationally established method for developing children's powers of concentration and their mental arithmetic skills. A demonstration of this activity, carried out at the parents meeting in September, achieved excellent press coverage in the Diario de Ibiza and over thirty pupils have since enrolled. Another new activity, which has started successfully, is a course in three dimensional computer graphics and animation.

The full list of activities taking place is as follows:

Football, Tennis, Art, Piano, Guitar, UCMAS and 3D Graphic Production.