Friday, 27 February 2009

Bookfair on Monday 2nd March.
Next Monday, Bookworld will be hosting their annual bookfair in the school. This will be open from 10:00 until approximately 17:00 with a large range of English fiction and non-fiction books on sale. All of our students will be given the opportunity to attend the bookfair during the school day and parents may also visit at any time. The fair will be situated in the secondary art room.

Inter-House Dance Competition.

Friday afternoon (13th February) was the termly Primary house competition. Twenty acts signed up for our annual dance competition. The children had been rehearsing during breaks and lunches for the past week and had come up with some very creative ideas. This years winners with matching pom-poms were Lucy Tucker and Zoe Thompson who bounced and twirled across the stage to "Hey Mickey!" and earned their house Es Palmador 300 house points! Well done girls! The childrens performances was followed by a surprise dance put on by all the primary staff much to the pupils delight!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Update on the Malawi school project.

Biscuit sales are still going strong every Friday when each class takes a turn to make cakes and biscuits to sell at break time. All the monies raised go towards the building of a school in Malawi. The children are very proud of themselves, and rightly so as they have broken the 2000 euro target! Well done everyone. The staff at the african school are currently deciding whether our funds should be put towards the purchase of cement or the construction of a well which would serve the school and the local community too. Watch this space........

Special St.Valentines assembly.

Love was in the air on the Thursday before half term when Year 6 performed their Valentines assembly for their parents and other Primary children. There was a modern tale of Romeo and Juliet and a toe tapping rendition of "You're the one that I want " from the classic film "Grease". It was a very entertaining half hour where both the performers and the audience had great fun. The prizes for the best Valentines poem were announced at the end of the show with a giant box of chocolates for the winners: Year 1: Maria Ferrer Ramon and Sophie Helb-Gelden, Year 2: Alex Keppeler and Lucia Mari Sanguino, Year 3: Keal Hartmann, Year 4: Muna Agudo, Year 5: Daniel Evenschor and Year 6: Oriane Pietersoone.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Secondary PSHE workshops 2008/9

Students in years 7 -11 have been involved in numerous workshops in collaboration with CEPCA (the local addictions organisation) that works with children and teenagers in local schools. The workshops have taken place in Spanish lessons and PSHE lessons. All CEPCA workshops have been given in Spanish.
We are also very grateful to Brian Heasley and Bruce (youth worker) also support our PSHE programme offering workshops and talks about a variety of issues.

Completed events:

November 2008
Assertiveness: Year 8 – Bruce/Brian
Drug addiction: year 11 – CEPCA
Cannabis: year 10/11 – CEPCA
Bullying: year 7 – Brian
Dance4life, AIDS education: years 9-13

December 2008
Drug addiction : year 9 –Brian
Addictions:year 10 – CEPCA

Forthcoming events:

February 2009
Smoking/alcohol:year 8 – Brian
Relationships:year 10 – Brian

March 2009
Addictions to new technology:year 7/8 – CEPCA
Alcohol/drugs:year 10 – Brian
Rights and responsibilities:year 7 – Brian/Bruce

April 2009
Drugs first aid:year 11 – Brian/Bruce